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CBD Clinic is a collection of articles devoted to the theraputic use of CBD and hemp-derived cannibanoid products for humans and pets.  Also included are general interest cannabis sativa l commentary, farm bill and legislative issues relating to this endeavor.

Difference Between Hemp Flower, Concentrates, and CBD Oil?

All the buzz words of CBD oil, flower, tincture, topical can leave you unsure where to start with your CBD journey. CBD Oil / Tincture To create a cannabidiol (CBD) tincture, often referred to as CBD oil, the hemp plant is processed to extract the CBD. CBD isolate is processed further removing all the cannabinoids […]

The Entourage Effect?

CBD Entourage Effect Diagram

What is the “Entourage Effect” and how can it benefit me? The Entourage Effect explains the synergistic interaction between all plant compounds including cannibinoids, terpenes and various phytonutrients to produce enhanced, and even completely separate and unique effects. This can be summed up in plant medicine as the “whole being greater than the sum of […]