CBD & Diabetes

In 2015, 30.3 million – 9.4% of the American population was diagnosed with diabetes. Approximately 1.25 million of those people are living with type 1 diabetes. Each year 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed. Being the 7th leading cause of death in the US in 2015 we being to look into how CBD may be beneficial.


Those diagnosed with type two diabetes often are effected by insulin resistance and high fasting insulin levels.

A five year study published in 2013 show a link between regular users of cannabis or hemp having 16% lower fasting insulin levels compared to those who have never used cannabis.

Those in the study who previously used cannabis or hemp but weren’t current users also showed better fasting insulin, cholesterol and insulin resistance levels when compared to those who have never. But the results were not as good as current users.

Treating Insulin Resistance

When you experience insulin resistance your body is rejecting insulin. Insulin is produced by your pancreas and helps in regulating blood sugar. When the insulin is rejected your cells are unable to absorb glucose (sugar), which is used for fast energy. When this happens glucose builds up in your bloodstream and leads to high blood sugar.

Research isn’t showing exactly how CBD works in treating insulin resistance but it’s believed to be linked with CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

There are may studies that show a link between insulin resistance and chronic inflammation. Once inflammation is reduced both your immune and cardiovascular systems are able to function better. With the lack of inflammation sugar metabolism and cell growth improve.

Obesity Prevention

Being obese or having a large waist are well known risk factors for type two diabetes.

The use of cannabis or hemp is showing in research to be linked with a lower BMI, decreased obesity levels and smaller waist circumference.

CBD effects different functions in your body that that help with weight management. This helps CBD users lose extra weight in the form of inflammation, and for some it works as an appetite suppressant.

It is believed that CBD is helping the body burn more calories effectively.

Treat Neuropathy

Many who struggle with diabetes slow suffer from neuropathy, nerve damage. Neuropathy is see most commonly in the hands and feet but organs can be affected also.

The most common symptoms of diabetic neuropathy are numbness, tingling and often times pain.

Studies are starting to show that CBD is relieving the discomfort better than convention medicine. One study could be used to both relieve the pain and prevent additional neuropathy.

The research is leading to show that CBD may increase nerve growth factor in the human body and assist with protecting the liver from oxidative stress. Limited the stress by slow or stop the development of neuropathy.

Speeds Healing of Diabetic Skin Issues

Many diabetics struggle with skin sensitivity and irritation. Issues can include rashes and difficult to heal sores on their feet.

The use of CBD may help those who experience diabetes related skin conditions like itching, burning and discomfort.

Due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties it may help soothe irritated skin. Also by reducing inflammation your body is able to speed up the natural healing process. Studies are also showing anti-aging properties!

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