How to use hemp flower

how to use hemp flower

CBD Flower is the most economical CBD source. By far.

Upon encountering hemp CBD flower in a public store for the first time, the reactions are typical. In hushed tones “Is this legal?” (Yes), Sometimes with a look of bewilderment. They’ll ask if it gets you high (No), or if it will show up on a drug test (It could). Admittedly, it does conjure images of the long-illegal marijuana. After a chuckle and a few jokes, they’ll be moving on to the tinctures, drops, gummies, vapes, bath bombs and whatever else they dream up next. All fine ideas and good products, but the flower itself is little more than a momentary curiosity. It seems as if the immediate reaction is ‘I’m not smoking hemp.’ We happen to think that is very reasonable. Did you know there are other ways to make use of it?

Bake with CBD rich Hemp Flower

A great way to make use of this raw material is by using it in baked goods, but it is useful for so much more. Just grind up the flower and add it to the mix, but there are much more powerful ways to use it for cooking as well. Crude extracts to be used with the very same baked goods can be made with the butter or oil that it calls for as well. You’ll heat the plant matter in the oil or butter for a period to extract the essence. After a reasonable extraction period, strain the plant matter if you desire and let the fat cool to room temperature. You’ll be able to use this normally to make your cookies, brownies or whatever else you would use butter or oil for. The options are endless.

Vaping Cannabis

Aside from cooking it, you can utilize a vaporizer and inhale the CBD.  This practice is called ‘vaping,’ and we can show you how to accomplish this safely and effectively.  Many manufacturers contain defects in their products by incorporating plastic near heated components in or near the vapor path – a hazardous situation possibly adding to any health troubles.  A good product will use a ceramic and glass.  There are many other concerns with the general safety of many of the products currently in the marketplace.  The good news is that you have many options for products that won’t add insult to injury. Did you know that the various cannabinoids within hemp vaporize at different temperatures? This may allow you to personalize your delivery based on each of their varied effects by turning the heat up and down as required.

CBD Extraction and Uses

CBD extracts are the most versatile form, and you can easily create your own from our high CBD hemp flower. With some varieties testing up to 19% by dry weight, you’ll consistently experience a high yield that you can count on. Our pesticide free, all natural flower each sports its own detailed lab readout. Everything from cannabinoids to terpenes, pesticides to heavy metals, we have you covered.

Is CBD extraction complicated?

We are excited to bring you the instruction and products you need to complete your own extractions of the fresh hemp flower.  When you learn these quick and easy techniques, you will be able to perform your own cost-efficient extractions, to your specifications.  What specifications?  Don’t worry – we will share with you the essential know-how so you can craft top quality medicinal herb extracts that match the original profile of the whole plant. With extracts, the options are limited only by your imagination. You can incorporate various extracts into foods, soaps, all types of oils, creams, lotions, and gels. Various delivery or “carrier” products require different handling, and we’re familiar with all of them so you’ll be able to get a consistent and useful end product each time.

Smoking hemp works, but . . .

Some users find smoking the raw hemp flower is useful. While there won’t be any harm from it – beyond, of course, the act of burning a plant and inhaling the smoke. This method is perhaps quicker than vaporizing since it doesn’t require specialized equipment or electricity, but don’t let that sell you just yet. The intense heat from smoking invariably destroys some of the compounds, resulting in less efficient use of your material compared with vaping. In addition to that, the hazard of smoke inhalation doesn’t need to be elaborated here. Less safe, less efficient. Your health would prefer you vape 😉 As far as methods, the old fashioned ways probably work just as well.

At the end of the day

You can do some simple math with CBD products and calculate the cost per milligram. Raw hemp flower contains the best value by a long shot. Of course, making use of it is a bit tedious. However some people do enjoy making use of it and those that do have the added benefit of controlling exactly what they’re putting in their body as well as knowing they’re getting the whole plant, nothing added or taken away.

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