Noochie No. 2!

Rest in Peace

About Them, from their old site:

Here at Imminent Dawning, we want to bring a completely new perspective to aromatherapy devices while keeping in mind simplicity. Most aromatherapy devices on the market today are made more complicated than they need to be, for what they are doing. Noochie is meant to be simpler in design, operation and maintenance.

By utilizing the power of 3D printing, we have the opportunity to print products that could not be achieved in standard manufacturing practices. By combining 3D printing with ancient materials and processes such as glazed porcelain – we are able to offer completely unique products that are not only functional but can be used as decorative pieces as well. 

All products sold here are glazed in lead-free liquid glass, no different than any other piece of ceramic/kitchenware you have no doubt eaten from or own already. This makes the Noochie the only food safe-3D-printed aromatherapy device in the world.

Thanks for the domain. If you need it back just give us a call. I’d imagine the sites been down for months but you kept the domain up so nicely we are going to make use of it for CBD oil products to our local community here in West Bend, WI