Pets and CBD

CBD for Pets - Seems to work well.

Just like humans our furry family members have an endocannabinoid system. Dogs and cats have not been as widely researched as humans but experts believe it behaves similar to ours.

How it works

Cannabidiol (CBD) is from the hemp plant. Hemp plants have extremely low levels of THC so your dog will not “catch a buzz”. Being that CBD is Not psychoactive your pet.

Dogs and Humans share the same endogenous cannabinoid system and CBD targets the receptors in this system. Receptors are found in the brain, organs, central nervous system and immune cells.

How it use

Cannabidiol (CBD) marketed for pets typically comes in an oil based tincture or in a treat. Oils will be faster acting and can be added to food, on top of a treat, directly to the gums, or on the skin of their ears (no inside the ear canal). Treats can be given as needed. You can give daily or as you feel your pet would benefit from CBD.

What product should I buy?

When considering which product is best for your pet always look at the ingredients. Many hemp “calming” products on the market only have hemp seed oil which has zero CBD. Purchase products that is 3rd party lab tested with limited ingredients. Our personal favorites have two ingredients: MCT Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Treats should be also be lab tested and free of your pets allergens.

2 thoughts on “Pets and CBD

  1. KarenM says:

    i have been using the CBD Pet Drops 325mg.I see the directions say the oil is supposed to go under the pets tongue. I have been putting the oil in this mouth and he laps it. Is that ok, or does it need to go under the tongue? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Great question! Fastest relief would be under the tongue but there is nothing wrong with dropping it straight into their mouth or adding it to their food. For humans it’s about a 20-30 minute difference in feeling the effects when comparing under the tongue vs eating it.

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