Reducing Anxiety and Depression with CBD

Are you one of the over 40 million adults in the United states suffering for an anxiety disorder? Yes, 40 million or 18+% of the population suffers from anxiety! These disorders are highly treatable but less that 37% seek treatment.

There are fast acting anti-anxiety medications on the market that offer instant relief but do have many side effects including addition. Medications like Prozac used for long-range can reduce symptoms over time, but they don’t always work.

Cannabidiol aka CBD is now making headlines for help with anxiety and other anxiety related disorders. Both as alternative and complementary treatment.

When choosing a CBD product to help with anxiety there are a few things to consider. How fast do you need relief and how long do you need relief for. Smoking or vaping will be your fastest acting but shortest length of relief. Capsules and other edibles will be slower acting but longer relief. Oils and topicals will be in the middle.

Dialing in your exact dose may take some time, you can start low and increase overtime or start high and reduce. Some people will need to take small amounts throughout the day and others need one large dose a day. Everyone’s metabolism and body reacts differently so give yourself time.

2 thoughts on “Reducing Anxiety and Depression with CBD

  1. Sara says:

    I suffer from pretty bad anxiety and have no clue where to start. Can you give me advice on oils vs gummies and what potencies to be looking for?

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